Turn Back Now Ranch
We have A.Q.H.A., N.F.Q.H.A. and A.P.H.A. horses and a few unregistered project horses. We are proud to say we have a
stallion with a lot of Wimpy and Wimpy Don bloodline. He is 93% foundation and is so gentle you have to see to believe.
Skip Ace Poco alias (Buck), Son of Elkins Black Ace, he is a 15.1 hands horse last weighed he was 1,250 lbs. with the
saddle and tack on him. He has what I call the dun factor, primative markings on his legs, stripes on his ears and a dorsal
stripe with markings on his withers. He is the gentle giant of the pasture. When kids come around you see him relax and
go for the kids to pet on him. He usually makes sure if its 10 kids out around him he has to get all of them to pet him
twice to make sure they all touched him. You will notice when we try to take pictures of the other horses Buck is right
there thinking that he will miss some attention. Kids that were terrified of horses and after seeing how gentle (Buck)
was, they are having fits for horses now. We had a mare die leaving a 2 month old stud colt to take care of and Buck
acted like he was the foster parent for the colt. The colt ate with him and grazed with him, from a distance he looked like
the perfect protective mother of that colt till you look a little closer and you know he is daddy. All of his colts and excuse
my terms but they are poured out of his butt when it comes to being gentle and curious. I wasn't going to breed him to
the public anymore just breed him to my mares and my friends mares but he is so gentle and I think so much of this
horse I really think its not fair to keep him from everybody. He throws line backs, grullas and sorrels most of the time
and all of them are so gentle and curious. They all have wanted to please who ever wants to spend time with them. They
all have had great big soft brown eyes and I think a lot of the horse by what I see in his or her eyes. This site will Grow as
our farm grows just enjoy and check back for updates and new foals. We will be pimping buck out for $500.00 guaranteed
foal and his lady friends get a $12.00 a day charge for mare care.
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Buck is registered A.Q.H.A., N.F.Q.H.A. and  he is a registered stallion
for the A.P.H.A also. He is 93% foundation stallion. He is standing at
stud for $500.00 and $12.00 a day for mare care. Limited breedings each
season. The picture above is buck pulling a buggy for the first time at 17
years old. He let me know he didn't like new things twice but after that
he pulls great for an old horse learning new tricks.
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